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Add to Your Experience learn more. Base Price General Admission more info. Anonymous Coward , 16 Jan pm. I was thinking the same thing. At first I was trying to figure out what Harvey's was and then I realized I think he meant Hardee's, which is the same thing as Carl's Jr.

Carl's Jr. in Santa Rosa, CA in SANTA ROSA, CA - Local Coupons October

Hardee's is primarily midwest I think, but it's the same company and same food as Carl's Jr. Very much the same, although they weren't always. Carl's acquired Hardee's, I think. For a while, they rebranded some of the Illinois Hardee's to Carl's Jr. Tasted great, especially if they'd been in the bin for a while.

Beyond Meat is offering free food at Carl's Jr., Del Taco and other restaurants Friday

My strongest memory of them, though, was walking in and being greeted with, not "Welcome, may I take your order? No, Harvey's is a completely separate Canadian burger place. Hardee's isn't allowed to expand into Canada because Harvey's blocking it in courts due to the similarity of the name. ChurchHatesTucker profile , 16 Jan pm.

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Why does it matter how many people used the code? If the logic is to get people in the door, or to try out "Carl's" for the first time, or whatever then more is better, right? Because sometimes the discount is offered at a loss to the store, counting on return visits or additional purchases to make up the loss. If too many people respond to the offer, they may lose more money than they can recoup, or have more new customers than the store is capable of handling, or have the SAME people redeeming the coupon multiple times which defeats the whole purpose, etc I think that the logic was to get people in the door, up to a point.

Carl's is obviously taking an immediate loss for each free hamburger they're giving out. It was hopefully a calculated loss that they felt they could afford in the short term in the hopes that, in the long term, it would pay itself off through increased brand awareness, retained customers, etc. I'm not sure how many basketball attendees would've been given the code, however I'm guessing the number of people who did or would have used the coupon severely surpassed their predicted "manageable" short term loss; especially if, as nothing indicates otherwise, the coupon codes could be re-used multiple times.

And so the decision to stop taking the coupons. Verifying who was or was not at a basketball game probably would not have been worth the resources either for such a one of a kind promotion. ToySouljah , 16 Jan pm. I wonder why they didn't just have people bring in the ticket stubs from the game as their "coupon". Also, if UT wins a game Valero gives out free coffee to everyone the following day.

Noah Buddy , 16 Jan pm. Why turn away anyone with a coupon? Free Drink? Hardees Coupons.

Free Famous Star® (cheese extra) with the purchase of a Famous Star®

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