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Grid List. The font and color of your choice will be custom engraved on heavy archival stock that's sure to catch a second look. Our Custom Matchbox Sets serve as miniature business cards, invitations to gallery openings, anniversaries, cocktail parties, and more.

Matchbox Sets can also be customized to include web addresses, social media handles and promotional coupon codes or offers. This product is made using traditional techniques and historic machinery. Each flat card bears the Thornwillow maker's mark, guaranteeing that it meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship. These envelopes come in your choice of white or cream stock. Each envelope bears the Thornwillow maker's mark, guaranteeing that it meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Simple yet refined, bold but not brazen, this Identity Card is custom engraved with a French Roman monogram. Personalize your cards with a variety of typefaces and archival inks, custom engraved on heavy archival paper to ensure superior quality and exceptional durability. Heart-shaped faces. Slim, elegant figures.

Not to mention, impeccable tastes in fashion. To be sure, the public interest in the activities, fashions, and everything else involving the two beautiful young ladies will only intensify. She is stunning, with an understated elegance that is timeless, and appears ideally suited to her role.

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  • We leave you with what can only be described as a very preppy turkey, via A Honey of a Deal. With that we say gobble-gobble, may your Thanksgiving be filled with love and laughter! The news prompted us to veer off our planned course, so we might update this story.

    The Telegraph has more :. As it turns out, the Royal Family with contributions by the Middleton family as well is handling almost all of the expenses associated with the event, the one bill the taxpayers will have to foot is for security.

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    The leading contender, at least as far as British bookmakers go, is Phillipa Leply. Below, more gowns by Ms. It is tacitly expected that Miss Middleton will select a British fashion house; Phillipa Lepley was born in the UK and her shop is in the oh-so-chic Chelsea part of London. While many have suggested Issa the company making that electric blue dress worn by the bride for the engagement announcement may be chosen; the company is headquartered in London, but Daniella Issa Helayel was born in Brazil. Is the distinction between being born in the UK and based in the country that important?

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    It very well could be, especially when attempting to make a politically correct decision. Two more designs by Ms. Again, note the presence again of covered shoulders on both gowns. Below, two real-life brides in gowns by Ms. People magazine has jumped into the conversation with a feature asking wedding designers to create looks for the bride.

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    Click here to see the rest of the designs submitted to the magazine. Also today, J. Evidently this is a soft rollout of the line to other locations in addition to the Bridal shop. In other J. From BrandChannel :. Crew by a consortium of private equity firms. Yes, the house that Mickey Drexler built and Jenna Lyons designed, now has a new landlord. What will this mean to the average shopper? Not a lot, unless drastic changes are planned, and at this point that seems unlikely.

    Crew has recently begun to show signs of sales weakness amid a lack of fashion hits, discounting by competitors and efforts to elevate the price of some of its merchandise to luxury status. That last tidbit about Crew and discounted merchandise reminds us of one final thought: we are receiving inquiries about our annual Black Friday post, showcasing bargains with a preppy slant. We will have a edition, out late tomorrow or early Thursday. Crew , J. The writer is Amber Rose , here is more from her column:. Rose had in mind or not, but below we show looks from the upcoming Louis Vuitton Resort collection.

    Back to the story :. But knowing the tight budgets at newspapers these days, let alone student newspapers, we understand the paucity of images, and applaud Ms. Rose for seizing the topic and running with it. It is always fun seeing other interpretations of the style, and hope you enjoy reading about the topic as well. A few quick techno-updates of note, both involving prep retailers. If interested, Brooks has also established a Facebook page , done in a very Brooks manner.

    I mentioned that I get weekly occasionally bi-weekly manicures a few posts ago. My mother has been getting manicures from the same manicurist for decades — she followed her from an Elizabeth Arden Salon to the chic Salon Jean Paul in the Spring Valley area of D. My mom rarely pays full price. She always has some coupon, some code she read about in a magazine, some special promo or offer to brag about. Her trick? Sign up for as many circulars and discount programs as possible — then watch and wait.

    Look tidy and groomed. The same is true even truer? She and I both have an affinity for soft lilacs, which remind us of my grandmother Mia her mother. She might wear a tidy boxy little bag during the day — she owns this exact Dior handbag in black, but this soft violet just reminds me of her:. Add a couple of ivory and gray neutrals skirts, pants, dresses , and voila! My mom is constantly scouring magazines for reviews on the latest and greatest in make-up and body-care products.

    Her go-to? Oh, and anything and everything by Laura Mercier. She swears by her line of products — as do I. My mom has a separate pocket, pouch, or mini-bag for all of the hundreds of items she totes around on a daily basis.

    Likely the aftermath of having five children over a period of about ten years — she needed to carry her whole life in it for any crisis that might pop up. Ask her for some tic-tacs?

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    My mother is very European in that she buys classics and then wears them constantly. And, last but not least, some meaningful jewelry my father has had made for her or that she inherited from my grandmother. She has one ring with five stones in it — one for each of her children — that she wears regularly.

    Consider this peppy strawberry-colored canvas tote by Anya Hindmarch. How cute?