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She also said plenty of people politely decline the "gift" and presentation and that is fine. My question is this - has anyone accepted a deal like this for this property before? I have many friends who have done similar type stays elsewhere and just said no at the presentations but I have not taken the chance before myself. While I am confident I can say no to the gift and avoid the presentation entirely my worry is that when you DO decline they will stick us in some crappy old room at the back that smells and is dirty or with bugs.

Thank you for your help. I would love to book this as the property looks like a lot of fun but I don't want to be one of those horror stories you hear about. If something sounds too good to be true That sounds a bit odd that you don't have to agree to attend the presentation to get that price.

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It could be a way to get you there and they hound you once you arrive, but read the fine print. If it doesn't say you have to attend the sales pitch, I would go for it. Thank you everyone for your input. I guess I just needed to "think out loud" I agree that it just feels too good to be true I have to say we've been offered pretty good deals from Hilton where we didn't have to attend any presentation.

Back in 92 we attended a presentation at Vistana a friend didn't have to pay annual dues if we attended. I wouldn't say it had bugs but it wasn't great. Our salesperson had sold two "units" that day and was on cloud nine. We explained why we were there and that we had no intention of buying.

She actually hustled us through but it still took nearly an hour and half. She said if they thought you had the ability to pay they wouldn't let you out of the "closing room". After that we went over to Disney and bought. I thought I just saw a deal through mousesavers. Password is case sensitive and must be at least 8 characters long. Forgot password? After your account is created, you'll be able to sign in with Facebook or with your Agoda credentials.

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Enter your Agoda password to link Facebook with this account. Password Password is required. Using a different email address for your Agoda account? Click here to switch accounts. Pros: The bed wow what comfort , the environment and structures within the swimming areas perfect for family getaways Cons: Wasnt anything much to do in the evenings at the hotel.


We love staying here, recommend Pros: This is our second time staying at this resort. Staff was great, amenities were great and the rooms were clean and quiet.

Cons: We were in the back building away from main pool. The most comfortable and memorable Pros: The service and staff go above and beyond to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Fantastic experience! Pros: If you need 2 rooms Family, small group of friends the layout is perfect. You couldn't ask for anything better.

Sheraton Vistana Resort Amenities, Orlando, Florida

Cons: Only issue was tv portal. It only got in the way when trying to watch tv.

There were things I liked about the room and the property. This was only tiny issue that wasn't that big of deal. Pros: The property location is great. Having the ability to cook and do your laundry while on vacation saves you a lot of money. Cons: The kitchen pans should be updated for a better quality. Pros: Beautiful pools, amazing location and very friendly staff! We loved the room as well. It's no big deal and everything else was amazing. Pros: The property is located very close to Disney World. The rooms are big and comfortable.

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The staff is very friendly too. Pros: Location and gym are great, and staff are friendly. Cons: Facility is very tired. Staff were keen to sign us up for a time share presentation, offering various incentives to do so. However, if they were serious about this they should perhaps have put us in a re-furbed room, assuming some rooms have been modelled in recent times. Nothing fundamentally wrong within the property other than it is showing its age, and needs significant investment to re-vitalise it.

Pros: Location and facilitiesKitchen in the room was great Housekeeping staff excellent.

Sheraton Vistana Resort Villas, Lake Buena Vista / Orlando | Orlando

Pros: Everything was nice. I love it and I will come here again. Pros: Friendly staff, well stocked rooms. Excellent link sheraton setup. Pros: I prepaid through booking.