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You definitely need to check on their pricing every now and then. They change it frequently, so you have to stay on top of it. You can also in extreme cases cancel your service for one month. Often times, they will call you within a week or two with a crazy deal to win you back as a customer. I said that the representative misrepresented the price.

How to negotiate with Comcast / XFINITY and get the best deal | John Garvens

That was after five hours of arguing in online chat with people in India. So I have to go through this again in 12 months. After this event, I called Fairpoint DSL provider in our area and asked them what their speeds were and they were generally at 3 mbps which is too slow for us. They are doing a build-out of 15 mbps in our area and the representative told me that he expected mbps DSL service within 6 months.

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If they have that service available in 12 months, then I will use that to negotiate with Comcast. Definitely use competing companies as leverage to get a better deal. You can use the same negotiation principles to negotiate for a better rates on other items house, car, etc. I have been working this company for years. You have to talk to the resolution department and then not give up after they tell you there are no good deals.

Internet is not highspeed but so far i have noticed no difference. This is good for a year. Not a good deal.

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Then I remembered that the Billing Dept. So, I called the Loyalty Dept.

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One department or person has no deals to offer when another one does. It all depends on who you talk to. Horrible way to treat customers, let alone do business, Comcast! While I understand that Comcast offers promotional prices that are well below the listed price, I agree with you that more consistency is needed. Customers will pay good money for a good product. Our best bet is to game the system and maximize promotional offers. To quadruple revenue, they will probably double their prices and double their customer base.

Hopefully, we will see some new competitors enter the arena. Our best hope is that mobile providers will build networks capable of handling the speed requirements of the majority of users.

What Sets Xfinity Apart

If they can manage that, they will pose a huge threat to the cable companies. Tried this. They offered me the same deal that I had, the current full price.

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  • I think that the cable companies have less room to operate on discounts and promotions and they seem to be taking a harder line on this stuff. Believe me, Jasen. I understand how frustrating that can be. Sometimes, they refuse to give you a deal no matter how well you negotiate.

    Michael made a great suggestion. Cancel Comcast for a month or two and switch to another company. Within a few weeks, they will probably call you with a great deal. Your other option is to keep paying your current rate and wait for a promotion. If you know anyone who could benefit from this article, feel free to share it with them. Also, remember that the principles of negotiation outlined in this post apply to anything with a price tag—gym memberships, cell phone bills, etc. In general, it certainly helps not to be rude when calling although showing anger might work with some of the repes , I think it largely depends on who you get at the time.

    Sometimes, you have to call multiple times to find someone who is willing to work with you to find the best price. I called Comcast last night to begin the process. The guy made the changes and we hung up prior to me testing the channels. We discovered that something went wrong as we lost most all news channels and kids programming.

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    • I called back, but it was now after 9PM Eastern time and the dept I had spoken to was gone, the folks I got to were unable to help me other than to say that they accidentally had me on a Latino package now. I was stuck that way all night, not a big deal. They did offer me the number for the Customer Solutions Dept to call directly to the top. Today I called Customer Solutions and explained to the gentleman what transpired. This gentleman was very polite and easy to talk with, and I was nothing but sincere and professional with him.

      No anger or uneasy feelings were given and he was more than happy to assist in making the promised package happen. Enjoy that new Camaro SS! Larry, did you start by talking to a cancellation rep? If I can reduce my rate, that would be an extra bonus. Am I setting my goals to low?

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      In this case, you will probably have to play the cancellation game. Let us know how it turns out. Hell yeah, Angelina! Now, repeat the process with your bills cell phone, gym membership, etc. The only reason that we can get these better deals by calling comcast is that they are very aware of the ever changing competition by their peers in the industry. If they allowed that to happen, comcast would eventually topple like a house of cards.

      Your talking about technical support of service related errors. They will always start by running the customer through the basic reset of the computer, the modem and the router.

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      Actually, they will not do anything for the elderly like other utility companies; no senior discount or low income discounts. By the way they receive government funds for running their fibrotic wires. Come to find out they could not get my tech to get me on line as their codes did not work. They did not work because the equipment was faulty and Comcast had been telling me for 3 years of in and out, intermittent service that is was my computer and all my fault and they were not responsible..

      Yes, they had me crawling under my desk and trying to read the impossibly small numbers on my router many times. Incidentally, there is only one reason to be nice to them and that is so you do not feel bad about yourself. It is encouraging to think that you are getting a better deal because you were nice but not so. It does not matter in that respect either way.